Radiology Interview


Radiology Interview Overview 2018

We’ve been asked lots of questions about the radiology interview and what it entails, so in order to help everyone we thought we’d put them together in one blog post. If you want to get a better idea of the specific questions they ask at interview, try our radiology interview question bank. What is the format […]

By Medibuddy — 22 January 2018


Core Surgical

Core Surgical Training Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

Preparation is key to doing well in the Core Surgical Training Interview. Both the clinical and leadership station are equally weighted in the mark scheme, so it’s important that you prepare for them both individually. With over 1000 people applying each year, the CST interview is competitive, and we would advise you to prepare for […]

By Medibuddy — 21 January 2018



Urology Interview Preparation – What to Expect on the Day

Before we start talking about how to prepare for the urology interview and what to expect on the day, the one thing I took away from the entire interview process in Leeds was how friendly everyone was. Coming from south London, I was humbled by the northern hospitality. Even the uber driver on the way […]

By Medibuddy — 21 January 2018

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Radiology Interview


ST3 Urology Interview Overview

The urology ST3 interview is a national selection process that consists of five stations in total. Each station lasts approximately 15 minutes. You will be assessed and scored at each station by two Consultants. There may be a lay person in the station to ensure the interview process is conducted fairly. Stations are generally very […]

By Medibuddy — 19 January 2018



Ophthalmology ST1 Interview Portfolio Preparation

The ST1 ophthalmology portfolio has strict criteria and a stringent mark scheme. The requirements are updated annually on the Severn Deanery website, four months in advance of the interview. Your portfolio is marked during the interview day in a separate room to you, so you do not get any opportunity to sell yourself or to explain the contents.

By Medibuddy — 14 January 2018



Ophthalmology ST1 Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

The Ophthalmology ST1 interview is one of the most competitive interviews in the country, with many excellent applicants and outstanding portfolios, so it’s important you prepare for it properly. Here are some tips for your portfolio and the interview stations, which will hopefully optimise your application. We’ve also prepared a number of Ophthalmology ST1 Mock […]

By Medibuddy — 24 December 2017


Core Medical

Core Medical Interview Tips

Congratulations on applying to be a Core Medical Trainee! We’ve written this post in combination with our Core Medical Interview Question Bank to help you start preparing for interview. Just making the decision to apply means you have started on the path to a career in clinical medicine. Take a moment and think about it. […]

By Medibuddy — 17 December 2017


Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

Preparation is key to doing well in the Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview. You will have spent months/years developing your portfolio, however it only represents a small proportion of your overall mark. Whether you get a training number or not will depend on how well you answer the questions in the other stations. In this post […]

By Medibuddy — 14 December 2017



Radiology ST1 Interview Preparation

We've written a guide on the best way to prepare for your application to ST1 radiology. The overall radiology application can be divided into the Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA), and the interview itself. This post will focus on preparation for the interview.

By Medibuddy — 27 November 2017



Radiology ST1 application process

The radiology ST1 application process is nationally coordinated and applications are made via an online platform called ORIEL and has existed in its current form since 2016. We've summarised the process to help you prepare for interview.

By Medibuddy — 23 November 2017


General Surgery

ST3 General Surgery Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

The key to success in the General Surgery interview is preparation. Candidates will have a much greater chance of success if they start preparing early and wisely. This requires planning and a combination of solo reading with group practice.

By Medibuddy — 08 November 2017

Radiology Interview

General Surgery

General Surgery ST3 Interview Format

What is the interview actually like? There are many stories and myths about what goes on, but in this post, we hope to demystify the intricacies of the interview format. The take home message is that time is tight, and you need to approach each station with a strategy.

By Medibuddy — 08 November 2017


General Surgery

The General Surgery ST3 Application Process

When you start to apply for the ST3 General Surgery interview, you may find it difficult to find a clear summary of the application process. Therefore, we have provided a clear summary of the most recent application process below to help candidates prepare early.

By Medibuddy — 08 November 2017