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Maximise your performance at the GP Selection Centre (Stage 3 Interview)

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“I got my top ranked post and I scored highly in all stations. I was successful at interview and the scenarios were very similar to those on the Medibuddy website. The information on Medibuddy was really useful for interview preparation.”

Preparing for the GP Selection Centre (Stage 3 Interview) is daunting. It's a competitive process and without proper preparation you will find it difficult to achieve the job you want.

Plenty of people will tell you that the interview is just on content you already know. Or that you can’t prepare for the communication skills stations.

Don’t listen to them!

The top candidates on the day will have spent months practicing written prioritisation questions and preparing themselves for all the potential simulated clinical scenarios. If you want to match them, you need to treat your interview like an exam.

So how do I prepare for the selection centre?

Your preparation should be split to focus on the two areas of the interview: The Written Prioritisation Section and the Simulated Clinical Scenarios.

The written prioritisation section is both knowledge intensive and time pressured. You need to practise ranking tasks and justifying your reasoning, over and over again. With time you will start to notice common themes and develop stock phrases you can apply to the common issues that come up.

The only way to ensure you score highly in this section is with repetition. We’ve therefore produced 50 Written Prioritisation Scenarios, all with model answers, feedback and tips on how to do well.

GP Prioritisation Question

The same applies to the simulated clinical scenarios. Many candidates are under the false assumption that you cannot prepare for these stations since the focus is on communication skills.

Whilst you may get a reasonable score by simply applying the communication techniques you learned at medical school, this will not be enough for you to score the top marks required to get your first-choice job.

The main difficulty we had when preparing for our own interviews was finding resources that were completely true to the interview itself. Too many of the video resources available online were simply routine examples of someone taking a clinical history, with the actors having none of the underlying personal issues that are so common in the selection centre scenarios. This was fine for candidates who just wanted to be appointable, but wasn’t so useful to anyone applying for competitive jobs in popular areas.

Our simulated clinical scenarios are specifically designed to take you from being an ‘average’ candidate to an ‘excellent’ one.

We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that our scenarios are true to life and as helpful as possible. All of the ‘patients’ in our videos are professional medical actors who regularly take part in exams and interviews. For each scenario, you will see a version where the candidate is appointable but drops marks, followed by the same scenario with the candidate scoring highly.

This will help you pick up on the key but subtle differences that set apart the top candidates.

For each scenario we’ve also filmed the actor giving feedback on the candidate. This is an important, but often over looked aspect of the interview where, after you’ve left the room, the actor gives their overall impression of you. In borderline cases this can often be the difference between a top and an average mark, so it’s vital you take it into account.

GP Simulated Consultation Question

Introducing the Medibuddy Online GP Selection Centre Question Bank

GP Questions

All of our content is written by authors who have scored highly at selection centre and have secured some of the most competitive general practice training jobs in previous rounds.

Best of all, we’ve presented it in an easy to understand format, on a platform that you can access anywhere.

Who is this course for?

Anyone attending the GP Selection Centre who wants to give themselves the edge at interview.

Whether you are applying straight from FY2, or you’ve been unsuccessful at interview in the past, our online course will give you all the information you need to rank highly.

Why have we done this?

We are passionate about medical education and finding new ways of learning. You can spend so much time preparing for interview that it can take away from your clinical placements.

The intense effort required to successfully get through GP training applications can be overwhelming. We are doing our bit to try and make things easier.

Take your interview preparation to the next level!

If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting into GP Training, then the Medibuddy online interview course if the first place to start.

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