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Messly makes the best locum agencies compete to find your perfect locum jobs. Get offered real shifts, matched exactly to your needs, before you’ve shared your contact details 🎉

By giving you choice and putting the power in your hands, you get better paid, more rewarding, and more convenient locums.

Messly’s service has been trusted by over 6,000 locum doctors this year and is rated five stars by doctors on Trustpilot.

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More of us than ever want to step off the treadmill of training to explore more diverse careers and work more flexibly. For some, that means enjoying the flexibility and control of locum work.

But finding locum work can feel daunting and frustrating for doctors. Many are nervous about getting started. And there’s a constant worry that you’re missing out on better paid, more rewarding, or more convenient locums.

Messly’s locum-finding service helps you find the best paid, most rewarding and most convenient locums, keeping you in control throughout. It’s a faster, simpler and more transparent way to find locum work, that has become the way that doctors find locums.

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, you create your profile in the app. You say exactly what kind of locum work you want. What rates you expect, how far you’ll travel, if you’ll do anti-social hours, and more.

You’ll then receive offers for locum work from just the best locum agencies. You see real shifts, with hospital details, rates and rotas - all matched specifically to your wishes. Plus ratings of those agencies written by other doctors. At this point it’s all anonymous.

You can review these within the app, comparing rates and travel distances and reading the recruiters’ pitches to you.

It works for doctors of all grades, across the whole of the UK, for locum work in the NHS and private sectors.

If you see some work you like, you can then schedule a convenient time to speak to the agency. Only then do you share your contact information, and only ever with the agencies that you’ve selected.

The Messly team will then help you through the registration process, so you can start working quickly and effortlessly.

By giving you access to locum work from all the best agencies, at your fingertips, you’re likely to get better rates, less travel and your pick of departments.

They’ve been trusted by over 6,000 locum doctors this year and the service is rated five stars by doctors on Trustpilot.

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