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2024 NHS Consultant Interview Course and Question Bank

The largest, most comprehensive course on the market.

Preparing for your NHS consultant interview can be highly stressful. It’s unlike any interview you’ve done previously.

The scoring system is often more opaque than national selection interviews, and even with a job specification, it can be hard to know what the interviewers are looking for.

We feel your pain. We’ve been there ourselves, and it wasn’t fun.

Unfortunately, if you want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding at interview, you need to spend a considerable amount of time preparing.

That’s where we come in…

We surveyed consultants from all the major specialties about what they were asked in their NHS consultant interviews. Using the results, we have written over 400 high-yield practice questions, each with an explanation and model answer.

We’ve designed our online NHS Consultant Interview course and question bank to apply to all specialties. The guidance provided for each practice question will help you structure answers based on your own experiences, ensuring you achieve the maximum points possible for each section of the interview.

What will I learn from the NHS Consultant Interview Course and Question Bank?

We’ve broken the course down into the main sections that commonly appear at interviews and have written questions that mimic the various interview staples as closely as possible.

Background, Training, The Job & Motivation

Explore the essence of your professional journey and readiness for consultant roles.

Personal Attributes

Uncover how to showcase qualities that make you an exceptional candidate.


Learn to demonstrate your capability to educate and mentor healthcare staff with efficacy.


Navigate the expectations around your research contributions and potential.

Clinical Governance & Safe Practice

Grasp the criticality of governance and safety in clinical settings.

Difficult Colleagues & Other Difficult Scenarios

Equip yourself with strategies to manage challenging interpersonal scenarios effectively.

Management & NHS Issues

Understand the nuances of NHS management and topical issues, preparing you to address complex questions confidently.

Highly Curated NHS Consultant Interview Questions

We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure our questions are as close to the interview as possible. Authored by experienced consultants, our questions cover all the likely topics, from the basics to the random left-field questions that you can’t believe the interviewers even thought of, let alone included!

Our NHS Consultant Interview question bank is constantly evolving

We constantly add and remove questions to keep the question bank up to date. Every few months we email all our users asking for feedback on how closely our questions matched the interview. (Please reply; it really does help us out!)

If we find we’re missing anything, we add it. When something goes out of date, we remove it.

We have an app!

All that money spent on coding for medics courses was not wasted! We have an app on both Android and iOS. This means you can access the question bank on any device.

We respond to feedback

We listen to what you say and respond to feedback. If you don’t like an explanation, we’ll change it. If you think a question is a dud, we’ll delete it.

We even go the extra mile and respond to each bit of feedback directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NHS Consultant Interview Course?
Interview courses are designed to help you prepare for your NHS Consultant Interview, which assesses your suitability for the role based on different aspects of your professional background and how you answer questions. High-quality NHS Consultant Interview Courses and Question Banks will mimic the interview questions, helping you to overcome the competition and score highly.

How should you prepare for an NHS Consultant Interview?
There are various ways to approach your NHS Consultant Interview preparation. However, the best way to prepare is to work through high-quality NHS consultant interview questions and answers. Consistently practising questions that mirror the interview allows you to become familiar with the different sections while also learning how to structure your answers.

Should I invest in an NHS Consultant Interview Course & Question Bank?
Investing in a consultant interview course for doctors will allow you to maximise your chances of being successful in the interview. Answering the different types of questions you’re likely to encounter in the interview will help you feel confident and fully prepared, providing you with a seamless interview experience.

How similar to the NHS Consultant Interview are the Medibuddy questions and explanations?
Every question in our question bank is written specifically for your NHS Consultant Interview preparation and is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure it is as close as possible to the official standard.

Take your NHS Consultant Interview preparation to the next level!

If you want to give yourself the best chance of being successful in you Consultant Interview, then the Medibuddy NHS Consultant Interview Course is the best place to start!

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