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Introducing the Medibuddy Online UKMLA Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment (CPSA) Question bank.

The CPSA is the 2nd part of the UKMLA, a new exam introduced for those graduating from medical school from 2024-2025 or later, although some medical schools have started using the CPSA already.

Being the first cohort to take a new exam is never easy. Normally, you’d be asking your friends in the year above how to prepare, but for a different exam, that’s not so fruitful.

The format of the CPSA is similar to OSCE/OSLERs you will have taken in the past, but the content is very specific. If you don’t prepare with material tailored precisely to the UKMLA Content Map, you may waste time revising the wrong content. Medicine is vast, so it’s vital you focus on the right topics.

That’s why we’ve created the Medibuddy CPSA question bank. All of our scenarios are based solely on the UKMLA Content Map, so you know you’re covering exactly what you need to pass.

UKMLA CPSA Exam Structure

If you are in the UK, your CPSA will be delivered by your medical school, meeting requirements set by the GMC. For international graduates, the CPSA will take place in Manchester at the GMC’s clinical assessment centre.

Your clinical competence will be assessed at multiple stations, with either an actor or a real patient, while an assessor observes and evaluates your performance. You will be tasked with practical activities such as taking a history and conducting examinations, all of which will be closely monitored and assessed by the examiner.

Medibuddy UKMLA CPSA Question Bank

We have created over 145 stations specific to the UKMLA content map, covering the following areas, to help you prepare.

  • Specific Histories
  • General Histories
  • Examinations
  • Documentation
  • Procedures
  • Interpretation
  • Communication

Our question bank will take you through each station from start to finish, giving you the tools you need to pass your CPSA exam.

Revise for your CPSA on the go!

As Junior Doctors ourselves, we know that balancing studying, as well as life, can be difficult! That’s why we have created the Medibuddy app, so you can access your CPSA revision on the go, allowing you to revise when you can!

We respond to feedback

We listen to what you say and respond to feedback. If you think a station isn’t clear, we’ll change it. If it is no longer relevant, we’ll get rid of it.

We even go the extra mile and try to respond to each bit of feedback directly.

A resource you can trust

The Medibuddy team has been creating educational resources for medical students and doctors for years. We’ve helped thousands of students score highly in exams and interviews, and we’ve put all of that experience into our CPSA question bank. We stay up to date on all the latest educational science, so you can be sure that the techniques we use are state of the art.

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