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The Medibuddy MRCS Part A Question Bank

As See One, Do One, Teach One…doesn’t work for MRCS Part A revision.

“I am pleased to say that I passed MRCS Part A with the help of the Medibuddy question bank. I have previously used both eMRCS and Pastest and have been unsuccessful with these but I found the Medibuddy question bank filled in my knowledge gaps and got me over the line to pass. Thank you for that.” Katherine D.
“I was very impressed with the MRCS Part A question bank. The question difficulty as I progressed answering the questions as well as the question structure provides adequate preparation for the exam.” Samuel

Let’s face it, the MRCS Part A exam is hard! Over 50% of candidates fail at the first attempt, and for many, it’s the first exam they’ve ever failed.

You might be the best surgical SHO in the hospital, but if you don’t know your stratum basale from your stratum spinosum, you’re going to struggle.

We all know that being able to recite the layers of the epidermis doesn’t actually make you a better surgeon, but you are going to have to learn them if you want to pass the MRCS Part A exam. At least there are fun mnemonics out there (Britney Spears’ Skin Glows Like Candy is our favourite!)

When we were preparing for the exam, the most challenging aspect was the sheer breadth of the MRCS Part A syllabus. There’s a lot to cover, and trying to prepare while working a full-time clinical job is even harder.

That’s where we come in…

Like most of you, we prepared for our exams using MRCS Part A question banks. We used the same providers that everyone else uses, did the same number of questions and had the same issues.

Answering questions in a random order using traditional question banks is incredibly demoralising and inefficient. We think it’s the main reason the failure rate is so high.

But we’re on a mission to change this…

The Medibuddy Adaptive AI-Powered MRCS Part A Question Bank uses state-of-the-art algorithms to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a personalised learning journey, specifically for you.

“I passed MRCS Part A on this sitting and scored about 80%.” Daphne C.

There’s never been a more efficient or effective way to prepare for the MRCS Part A.

With over 3000 questions specifically written for MRCS Part A, we have all you need to score highly.

Our algorithms will identify the areas of the syllabus that will have the biggest impact on your exam score. You’ll then be asked the questions you need, right when you need them.

How do we compare to other MRCS Part A question banks?

Passmedicine Pastest eMRCS OnExamination
Number of questions 3,000 1,300 4,300+ 2,000+ 2,020+
Price £25+ £15+ £84+ £35+ £69.99+
AI Personalised Learning
Topic Mastery Level Calculated
Spaced Repetition

But everyone in the year above used a different question bank…

We know we’re the new kid on the block for MRCS Part A revision. Our competitors have been around for decades, and although our interview question banks have been on the market for years, our exam question banks were only launched recently.

We’re not the ones for you if you want a question bank that’s been around forever.

However, these are the things we think we do better than our competitors:

Highly Curated Questions

We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure our questions are as close to the exam as possible. Authored by experienced surgeons, our questions cover all the topics in the syllabus, from the basics to the random left-field questions that you can’t believe the examiners even thought of, let alone included!

Our question bank is constantly evolving

The MRCS Part A changes every year. They are constantly adding and removing questions to keep it up to date. We take the same approach with our question bank.

After every exam cycle, we email all our users asking for feedback on how closely our questions matched the exam style. (Please reply; it really does help us out!)

If we find we’re missing anything, we add it. If they stop asking a specific style of question, we remove it.

Never forget what you’ve learned

Spaced repetition is vital to doing well in any exam. To ensure you don’t forget key concepts, questions you get wrong will be intermittently re-asked to check your understanding. If you get them right the second time, your mastery level will increase, and the algorithm will adapt accordingly.

Entirely flexible learning

Our platform is flexible, so you can use it in whatever way works best for you. You’ll have the option to switch between the adaptive and traditional style question banks whenever you want. This means that if you want more control over your revision and to focus on specific areas, you can.

Our traditional mode is set out just like a regular question bank, where you can filter questions based on specialty, incorrectly answered, unseen etc.

Best of all – any questions you answer in traditional mode are automatically factored into adaptive mode, so your mastery level will continue to increase as you improve.

Detailed explanations

We’ve written detailed overall explanations and turned them into a library. This is for those of you who like to progress slowly through a question bank and get comprehensive overviews of each topic.

For those of you who prefer to do 100s of questions a day, we’ve written bite-sized explanations for every question.

We have an app!

All that money spent on coding for medics courses was not wasted! We have an app on both Android and iOS. This means you can access the question bank on any device.

We respond to feedback

We listen to what you say and respond to feedback. If you don’t like an explanation, we’ll change it. If you think a question is a dud, we’ll delete it.

We even go the extra mile and respond to each bit of feedback directly.

Take your MRCS Part A preparation to the next level!

If you want to give yourself the best chance of passing the MRCS Part A, then the Medibuddy adaptive MRCS Part A question bank is the best place to start!

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Frequently asked questions

How does the algorithm work out what my ability level is?
As you progress through the question bank, our algorithm will be performing complicated statistical analyses of the way you answer questions. All of our questions have been tested on hundreds of junior doctors so the algorithm knows exactly how difficult each question is.

The algorithm looks at how you answer questions across a range of different difficulties to work out what your current ability level is.

How does the algorithm know what questions to give me?
Every question in our database has been tagged based on the skills required to answer it and its difficulty level. Once the algorithm has worked out what your ability level is and the areas you need to target, it ensures that the questions you receive focus on these areas. As you get better, the algorithm adapts with you, moving you onto new areas based on your needs.

How similar to the MRCS Part A are the Medibuddy questions and explanations?
Every single question in our question bank is written specifically for MRCS Part A preparation and is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure it is as close a match as possible to the MRCS Part A standard. We don’t borrow questions that have been written to prepare for other exams.

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