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Do you want to prepare for PLAB 1 using the most advanced question bank on the market?

“Personalised learning helps make my revision smoother, more structured and efficient. I can focus on particular areas that I struggle with, rather than having to do a mixed lot of questions.”

Introducing the Medibuddy AI-powered PLAB 1 question bank, the only one on the market that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to deeply analyse your ability levels and create a personalised learning journey specifically tailored to boost your PLAB 1 score.

Roughly 50% of candidates fail the PLAB 1 and we’re on a mission to change this. We’ve incorporated the latest artificial intelligence powered educational technology into our question bank to give you the best possible chance of passing first time.

Put together by UK GMC registered Doctors, with over 2500 relevant questions based on the PLAB 1 syllabus, our algorithms will ensure that every question you answer is at exactly the right level to boost your score.

What is personalised learning and what does this mean for my PLAB 1 preparation?

  • An educational approach that adapts the learning experience for each user based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Over 90% of students using traditional question banks find that they waste time answering questions without actually getting anywhere, because normal question banks give all users the same questions in a randomly selected order.
  • Our adaptive question-bank will identify the areas of the PLAB 1 syllabus that will have the biggest impact on your exam score and ensure you don’t waste time on low impact topics.
  • We’ll save you countless revision hours by ensuring every question you answer will actually improve your exam score.
  • Our algorithm will tell you exactly what your mastery level is for each area of the PLAB 1 syllabus. This is very different to just being told how many questions you got right/wrong. We calculate it based on the actual calibrated difficulty of the questions you are answering and the topics you’ve covered, so you can be sure that the work you are putting in is actually translating into real gains in your PLAB 1 score.

A resource you can trust

The Medibuddy team has been creating educational resources for medical students and doctors for years. We’ve helped thousands of students score highly in exams and interviews, and we’ve put all of that experience into our PLAB 1 question bank.

Frequently asked questions

How does the algorithm work out what my ability level is?
As you progress through the question bank, our algorithm will be performing complicated statistical analyses of the way you answer questions. All of our questions have beentested on hundreds of junior doctors so the algorithm knows exactly how difficult each question is.

The algorithm looks at how you answer questions across a range of different difficulties to work out what your current ability level is.

How does the algorithm know what questions to give me?
Every question in our database has been tagged based on the skills required to answer it and its difficulty level. Once the algorithm has worked out what your ability level isand the areas you need to target, it ensures that the questions you receive focus on these areas. As you get better, the algorithm adapts with you, moving you onto new areasbased on your needs.

How similar to the PLAB 1 are the Medibuddy questions and explanations?
Every single question in our question bank is written by GMC registered Doctors, specifically for PLAB 1 preparation, and is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure it is asclose a match as possible to the PLAB 1 standard.

What if my exam gets delayed by COVID?
If your exam gets delayed by COVID, we’ll extend your subscription for free until the new date of your exam.

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