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Maximise your performance at the 2024 Paediatrics ST1 interview

“What I loved most about Medibuddy was the conversational, exam-oriented approach, and how it tries to bring everything to life. One could imagine themselves in the scenarios being described. That was quite helpful for someone like me, an IMG with no UK Paediatric experience.” Chibuike
“It [Paediatrics ST1] was very useful and representative of the real questions.” Nikita Padmakumar

In 2021/22, the MSRA was removed from the Paediatrics ST1 application process, which means more emphasis is placed on your self-assessment and that all-important interview. Since 2020, when the competition ratio was 1.4, competition for Paediatrics ST1 has increased year on year, and in 2023, it was 2.4.

So how do I prepare for my interview?

Effective preparation focuses on two areas: Knowledge and Delivery.

The Paediatrics ST1 interview is knowledge-intensive. If you don’t have the knowledge, it doesn’t matter how slick your delivery is, you won’t get the marks.

Equally, you might have consultant level knowledge, but if you don’t deliver it well, all those hours preparing will be for nothing!

This is your opportunity to demonstrate why you would make a good Paediatrics trainee.

This is where we come in…

The Medibuddy Online 2024 Paediatrics ST1 Interview Question Bank

We are proud to have developed over 40 carefully crafted scenarios that mirror the interview, to help you prepare and maximise your chances of scoring your dream job. We’ve been doing this for a while now and know how important it is for the question bank to be up-to-date. Each year, our high-scoring editors make changes to the question bank to ensure it reflects the most recent interviews. Our team has secured some of the most competitive training jobs in previous rounds, and we want to help you do the same!

Best of all, we’ve presented it in an easy to understand format, on a platform that you can access anywhere.

What will I learn from the Paediatrics ST1 Interview Question Bank?

The 2024 interview is broken down into four domains, each lasting up to 10 minutes, and we have presented our questions exactly like they appear in the interview.


These involve a role play scenario where you must explain a clinical condition or reasons for intervention or transfer. All trainees must show excellent communication skills, and we will help you practise these.

Career Motivation

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm and suitability for paediatrics as a physical portfolio is no longer required. We provide advice and ideas of things to think about when preparing for this section of the interview.

Reflective Practice

In this section, you are assessed on your ability to reflect on your experiences and show what you have learnt, including the impact this has had on your career since.

Paediatrics Clinical Reasoning

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your clear and methodical approach to clinical problems. Our question bank provides you with example scenarios combined with comprehensive guidance on how to approach them.

Why have we done this?

When we were preparing for our specialty interviews, getting accurate and helpful advice felt near impossible. The recruitment websites only provide you with so much information, and whilst asking those who have done the interview is useful, sometimes all it did was make us more nervous, instead of actually helping us to prepare.

Since then, we have been filtering through all the good and bad resources, so you don’t have to, and our high-scoring core trainees have put it all together in one place, the Medibuddy Online Paediatrics ST1 Training Interview Question Bank.

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