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2024 Teach the Teacher Course from Medibuddy

The 2024 Medibuddy Teach the Teacher course for doctors builds on the fantastic culture we have within medicine of passing down our knowledge to junior colleagues and students.

“The content is presented in such a clear and engaging way, so it's made it very easy to absorb important educational theories and practice.”

Dr. Aqua Asif Academic Foundation Doctor

This two-day CPD-accredited medical teaching course will earn you 12 CPD points on completion. It’s entirely flexible, so you can complete it in two days or multiple sessions over a longer period. On completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate for your portfolio that is accredited for CCT, interviews and appraisals.

You will learn about adult education theory and how to confidently lead a teaching session for your peers, colleagues, and students. You’ll study different educational techniques, how to find your teaching style, and how to give effective feedback.


Many deaneries now have teaching courses on their approved study budget course lists. If you are a UK doctor on a national training programme (e.g. foundation training, ST/CT training etc.), you may, therefore, be able to claim the cost of the Medibuddy Teach the Teacher course from your study budget.

Valid for CCT, Interviews and Appraisals

Formal training in teaching on a two-day course is required by most specialties for CCT. Many national training programmes (such as Core Surgical Training, IMT, Radiology and others) also offer extra points at the application stage for a Teach the Teacher course.

We’ve ensured our Teach the Teacher course is fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service, making it valid for CCT, interviews and appraisals. You can find our CPD registration here.

“The Teach the Teacher course on Medibuddy is broken down into easy-to-digest lessons, using clear slick slides, with knowledge checkpoints and MCQs to solidify learning. Helpfully, you are able to dip in and out of the course depending on your time commitments. In particular, as a junior doctor the lesson on small group teaching methods is so relevant for my clinical teaching to medical students on the wards. This covers bedside teaching and even gives tips on how to deal with difficult students and group dynamics. I now feel empowered to apply pedagogical theories to clinical teaching scenarios, and to develop my skills as a teacher. I would highly recommend this course!”
Sophie Rhys-Evans
FY2 at Barts Health

Our Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors has been put together by experts in the field

Dr. Russell Conyers

Dr Russell Conyers is a Core Anaesthetics Trainee in the East Midlands. He has a keen interest in Medical Education, having completed a PGCert in Medical Education and FHEA accreditation. He is actively involved in medical student teaching locally and has written for question banks along with his role as Editor of this course.

Mr Alex Trevatt

Mr Alex Trevatt is a Plastic Surgery Registrar and the CEO of Medibuddy. He has extensive experience in teaching with a particular focus on digital education for doctors. He has published extensively in both journals and textbooks and has designed and developed hundreds of well-regarded e-learning modules.

Associate Professor Marcela Bezdickova

Marcela has been an Associate Professor in Anatomy at Swansea University Medical School since 2015, playing a key role in the Graduate Entry Medicine Programme Anatomy Teaching. With over 20 years of experience in medical education in Higher Education, she applies blended learning strategies to diverse audiences. Passionate about practical anatomy education, she organizes popular extracurricular dissection courses.

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Professor Tudor I. Chinnah

Professor Tudor I. Chinnah is an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Medical Education of the University of Exeter Medical School, UK. Tudor holds a BMedSci (Hons) and Master’s degrees in Anatomy from the Universities of Port Harcourt and Calabar, Nigeria, respectively. He obtained his PhD degree in Anatomy from the University of Sheffield, UK and also has a Master’s in Clinical (Medical) Education from the University of Exeter, UK.

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“This has been an excellent course to develop my understanding of different learning theories and the method behind developing a curriculum, assessments and lesson plans. I wanted to do this course to acquire skills to help apply for a teaching fellow job and understand the background to medical education. The format is easy to follow and has interactive sections throughout which made the course more enjoyable.”
Mollie Miall
FY1 Doctor

What will I learn from the Teach the Teacher Course?

The Medibuddy Teach the Teacher course will improve your presenting skills and teach you a framework for delivering effective medical education.

Most doctors have plenty of informal teaching experience. However, the quality of their teaching varies enormously. Our course will equip you with the latest evidence-based techniques for taking your knowledge and experience, and delivering it in a way that others can understand and learn from.

Module 1: Learning Theories

  • Lesson 1: Andragogy vs Pedagogy
  • Lesson 2: Social Cognitive Theory
  • Lesson 3: Reflection and Reflective Practice
  • Lesson 4: Experiential Learning Theory
  • Lesson 5: Communities of Practice
  • Lesson 6: Constructivism in Medical Education
  • Lesson 7: Learning Styles

Module 2: Assessment & Feedback

  • Lesson 1: Assessment at a Glance
  • Lesson 2: Assessment Frameworks and Challenge
  • Lesson 3: Assessment Formats
  • Lesson 4: Feedback

Module 3: Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: What is a Curriculum
  • Lesson 2: The Curriculum in Context
  • Lesson 3: Types of Curricula
  • Lesson 4: The Hidden Curriculum

Module 4: Teaching Methods

  • Lesson 1: Lesson Planning
  • Lesson 2: Large Group & Didactic Teaching
  • Lesson 3: Small Group Teaching
  • Lesson 4: Simulation in Teaching
  • Lesson 5: Online Teaching
  • Lesson 6: Mentorship and Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Teach the Teacher Course?
A Teach the Teacher course for doctors allows you to learn about educational theories and teaching methods. The right course will help you develop your presenting skills and provide feedback, allowing you to deliver effective medical education to your colleagues and students.

Are Train the Trainer and Medical Teaching Courses the same?
You might have come across Train the Trainer courses in your search to improve your medical teaching skills. Non-medical companies often refer to generic teaching courses as Train the Trainer courses. So, if you’re looking to improve your teaching skills in a healthcare environment, it’s important that you choose a course with a medical education focus.

How to find a Teach the Teacher Course?
In-person Teach the Teacher courses take place in major cities across the UK. You can find these online by searching “Teach the Teacher course near me”. Face-to-face courses benefit those who enjoy learning in person and networking with peers and lecturers.

However, if you prefer the convenience of staying at home or don’t live near one of the course centres, a virtual Teach the Teacher course like ours might be more appropriate. Virtual courses are often cheaper and give you the flexibility of going through the content in your own time.

Who is this course for?
Our online Teach the Teacher course is aimed at healthcare professionals. This includes NHS consultants, junior doctors, nurses, and physician associates.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their teaching ability. If you have a passion for medical education, the Medibuddy Teach the Teacher course can be the first step in your journey to becoming a teaching fellow, an educational supervisor, or a member of the medical school teaching faculty.

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