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“Medibuddy had a really good range of topics which covers the entirety of those that you will be assessed on as part of the AKT”

Iyad Baydoun Passed the AKT in 2024

Are you taking the UKMLA in 2023/24?

Some medical students have had surprisingly little communication from their medical schools about when/how the MLA will be rolled out.

We do know that anyone graduating in 2025 or later will have to pass the AKT exam as part of the UKMLA, however many universities have already started using the MLA format.

This means that, depending on your medical school, you’ll have to sit it in your 4th or 5th year (or 6th year if you’ve intercalated).

If you’re a doctor who graduated abroad and is applying to work in the UK, the exam you’ll sit is still called the PLAB, but they’ve changed the syllabus, making it identical to the UKMLA.

IMPORTANT: The UKMLA syllabus differs from old-style medical finals or the PLAB

Ensure that any question bank provider you use hasn’t just changed the name of their old question bank.

Medicine is vast, and you may waste considerable time revising topics not in the MLA.

All providers should be able to give you a breakdown of exactly how their question bank matches the UKMLA content map.

Find ours here

We’ve written over 4000 questions specifically for the MLA AKT. We’ve ensured that every condition in the MLA content map is covered.

We’ve also built our UKMLA AKT question bank using the same artificial intelligence technology that has been so successful in our post-graduate question banks.

If you use our platform, you’ll immediately notice how different it is from traditional MLA AKT question banks. Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a personalised learning journey specifically for you.

“The website is easy to navigate, and has a nice interface. I also like how it links directly to the MLA concept map so students don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time answering questions which won’t be in the exam”

“Medibuddy uses AI technology, which is quite different to other question banks. It makes learning more personalised”
Galenicals - Bristol University

Highly curated UKMLA AKT questions

We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure our MLA AKT questions are as close to the exam as possible. Authored by experienced doctors, our questions cover all the topics in the syllabus, from the basics to the random left-field questions that you can’t believe the examiners even thought of, let alone included!

Mock exams – as close to the real exam as possible

We have performed a deep analysis of the two official MLA mock papers and have used them to create mock exams that are as close to the actual exam as possible.

Never forget what you’ve learned

Spaced repetition is key to doing well in any exam. To ensure you don’t forget key concepts, questions you get wrong will be intermittently re-asked to check your understanding. If you get them right the second time, your mastery level will increase, and the algorithm will adapt accordingly.

Entirely flexible learning

Our platform is flexible, so you can use it in whatever way works best for you. You’ll have the option to switch between the adaptive and traditional style question bank whenever you want. This means that if you want to have more control over your revision and focus on specific areas, you can.

Our traditional mode is set out just like a normal question bank, where you can filter questions based on specialty, incorrectly answered, unseen etc.

Best of all – any questions you answer in traditional mode will be automatically factored into the adaptive mode, so your mastery level will continue to increase as you improve.

Detailed explanations

We’ve written detailed overall explanations and turned them into a library. This is more for those of you who like to progress slowly through a question bank and get comprehensive overviews of each topic.

For those of you who prefer to do 100s of questions a day, we’ve written bite-sized explanations for every question.

We have an app

All that money spent on coding for medics courses was not wasted! We have an app on both Android and iOS. This means you can access our MLA AKT question bank on any device.

We respond to feedback

We listen to what you say and respond to feedback. If you think an explanation isn’t clear, we’ll change it. If a question is no longer relevant, we’ll get rid of it.

We even go the extra mile and try to respond to each bit of feedback directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UKMLA AKT?
The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) is one part of The UK Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA). The multiple-choice exam is being officially introduced from 2024/25 onwards, and will assess the skills needed for safe practice. All medical school graduates will be required to pass the MLA to join the medical registrar.

What’s the difference between the UKMLA and the PLAB?
The PLAB exam is designed to ensure international medical graduates have the clinical expertise needed to become UK doctors. The MLA examines both UK and international medical graduates, ensuring a consistent standard for all UK-based doctors. As of 2024, the PLAB became compliant with MLA requirements. Although the PLAB is eventually expected to be phased out in favour of the MLA.

How to prepare for the UKMLA AKT?
There are various ways to prepare for your AKT exam. MLA AKT practice papers allow you to complete mock exams under timed conditions. There are also MLA AKT question banks, which allow you to work through high-quality AKT questions in your own time, enabling you to become accustomed to the questions you will come across in the exam.

How does the Medibuddy MLA AKT Question Bank algorithm work out what my ability level is?
As you progress through the MLA AKT question bank, our algorithm will perform complicated statistical analyses of how you answer questions. All of our questions have been tested on hundreds of medical students, so the algorithm knows precisely how difficult each question is.

The algorithm looks at how you answer questions across a range of different difficulties to work out what your current ability level is.

How does the algorithm know what questions to give me?
Every question in our database has been tagged based on the skills required to answer it and its difficulty level. Once the algorithm has worked out your ability level and the areas you need to target, it ensures that the questions you receive focus on these areas. As you get better, the algorithm adapts, moving you onto new areas based on your needs.

How similar to the UKMLA AKT are the Medibuddy questions and explanations?
Every question in our question bank is written specifically for UKMLA preparation and is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure it is as close a match as possible to the UKMLA standard. We don’t borrow questions that have been written to prepare for other exams.

Take your UKMLA preparation to the next level!

If you want to score highly in the UKMLA, then the Medibuddy adaptive UKMLA AKT question bank is the best place to start!

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