UK Internal Medicine Interview (previously Core Medical Interview) Tips

Congratulations on applying for the UK Internal Medicine Interview! As of August 2018 this is the new name for Core Medical Interview. You’ll soon start your interview preparation and we’ve written this post in combination with our Internal Medicine Interview (Core Medical Interview) Question Bank to help you get the best score possible.

Just making the decision to apply means you have started on the path to a career in clinical medicine. Take a moment and think about it. It’s scary but exciting. The rest of your career lies before you. With the application completed your mind turns to the next hurdle, the interview!

Now the internal medicine interview is often the stage that applicants find most stressful! Understandably there is pressure that comes from sitting in a room with three or four interviewers asking you questions! But it shouldn’t be stressful.

The most important to thing to remember is that the people sitting on the other side from you want you to succeed. They are on your side. What they are asking isn’t difficult but the stress of the situation can do funny things to your mind. Remember to tell your head that when the bell goes and your time begins. Two deep breaths, clear your mind, you’ve got this!

Key rules for the Internal Medicine Interview (Core Medical Interview)

Before we even think about the internal medicine interview and the different stages remember a few simple rules. To sail through the interview you need to do three things:

  1. Be safe – the people interviewing you are consultants and the people you will be working for! They are looking for candidates they can trust to be on-call and look after their patients. They want to know that you can think under pressure and make decisions whilst not over reaching yourself. They want to see that you know your limits and understand when it’s the right time to call for help. The candidate who can answer all the questions but cannot recognise when they are out their depth is not the doctor the consultant will want working for them!
  2. Be polite – in addition to being safe the consultants want to find candidates that they would like to work with. Medicine is a team game and finding players that buy into that is important to your bosses. Being dressed appropriately, being courteous as you enter the room and thanking your interviewers as you leave are all important. Make sure you listen attentively and look the interviewer in the eye when answering. Looking at the floor or around the room certainly wont help you get the job!
  3. Be prepared! – You know what is coming so don’t be surprised when you get there! Make sure you arrive on time so you don’t add any extra stress to your day. Know where the interview is and what’s waiting behind the door! Practising the sort of questions you are going to get will help you to feel comfortable with the style and layout of the interview and get you prepared for that tricky question at the end! If you know what is coming you can be calm and collected, and points one and two above will come naturally.

Some food for thought before the Christmas break! Short-listing for interviews will be released on the 20th of December 2018 so the time to start thinking about the process and how you will manage it is now. Start finding out who else has applied for CMT as they are going to be your best friends during your interview preparation. Practising together will let you rehearse your answers out loud.

Examine someone else’s portfolio and then ask them questions about it! Spend time using question banks to identify areas of your knowledge that need a little more work.

A simple way to prepare for the interview is record yourself speaking your answers out loud and watching them back. No one else is going to see so don’t be embarrassed! It will definitely make you feel more comfortable on the day as your mind and body will know you’ve done it before!

Please follow for more posts and check out our question bank to find practice questions for the interview!

Merry Christmas!


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