Radiology interview portfolio marking scheme

The 2019-2020 round of interviews asked candidates to score their own portfolio against a generic scoresheet during the initial preparation station. In the portfolio station candidates then brought their portfolio and completed marksheet, and discussed with the examiners, who verified the marking and discussed the candidates portfolio with them.

For the 2020-2021 application, this process has been moved online – candidates will be asked to score their self-assessment online via the ORIEL platform. Evidence will be uploaded onto a portal and reviewed by Radiology consultants to ensure that scoring is accurate. Scores can be moderated and altered if the reviewers feel that the provided evidence does not support the candidate’s self-assessment.

This component of the application process is more important than ever, as candidates who score highly enough in their self-assessment and MSRA can bypass interviewing altogether.

Historically the portfolio was scored according to the five broad categories. Each category had a maximum score of 2, with 0 being given if no evidence was provided within the given category, and 1 being given for some evidence. This year’s self-assessment criteria is expected to be similar to previous years in terms of content. Sample criteria are provided below, based on forms from previous years.

  1. Clinical radiology experience
    • Maximum points for 1 or 2 full taster weeks
    • Intermediate points for <1 week taster
  2. Audits
    • Maximum points for a completed audit that changed guidelines
    • Intermediate points for a completed audit that did not change guidelines
  3. Teaching
    • Maximum points for organising a teaching programme/ completed teaching diploma
    • Intermediate points for organising local teaching
  4. Exams
    • Maximum points for full MRCS (or equivalent) within 4 years of graduation
    • Intermediate points for full MRCS (or equivalent) after 4 years of graduation
  5. Research
    • Maximum points for >1 publications or First in intercalated BSC
    • Intermediate points for 1 publication

The exact criteria and points allocated may vary, however, the broad themes and categories should remain constant.

Portfolio hints and tips

  • The exact mark scheme may vary from year to year, but the overall categories and themes will remain the same
  • In general, more credit and higher marks are awarded for radiology-themed achievements
  • There is a limit to how highly you can score within a given category – it is better to ensure you have good achievements within all the categories, rather than focussing entirely on one category. For example, there is no advantage having 5 radiology papers vs having 1 radiology paper, and your time is better spent ensuring you have completed an audit loop and presented it to a high level meeting
  • Some things are not realistic to achievement within time for the interview – e.g. if you do not have a PhD currently, you are unlikely to obtain one prior to interviewing. Do not let this dishearten you too much – very few applicants will have this, and you can still obtain maximum marks within that category in other ways

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