Obs and Gynae ST1 Interview Tips

Congratulations on applying for the Obs and Gynae (O&G) ST1 Interview! We’ve written this post in combination with our ST1 Interview Question Bank to help you start preparing for interview.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST1 Interview Top Tips

You have already taken the hardest step in making a decision about your specialty. If successful with your interview you have an exciting career ahead of you, with so many possibilities open to you. One of the amazing aspects about obs and gynae (and there are many!), is the mixture of medicine and surgery. Perhaps it is a cliché but it is very true.

The interview is often the stage that applicants find most stressful! However, it shouldn’t be. You have been selected for interview, chosen to be there and you’ve prepared well. The examiners sitting across the table from you are there because they want you to succeed. They will try and help you to interview as the best person you can be! You have a right to be there. You need to walk into the interview and show them what you are made of…ready?

Interview basics

  1. Dress the part: appearance is important. You want to look professional; this is after all a professional interview. Ensure you are smart; make sure your shoes are clean and tuck in your shirt – the basics!
  2. Be polite: how you act during the interview process is important. Remember in seven years time the person sitting opposite you may be your Consultant colleague. Obs & Gynae is a specialty built on teamwork and communication, as well as technical skill. Show that you are a team player and communicate well by being polite, listen actively and thank the interviewers before you leave.
  3. Be on time: you have no control over the trains, weather or motorway traffic, however, do what you can to make sure you arrive at interview at your designated time. If that means arriving the night before or getting a train that gets in several hours too early – do it! You do not want to arrive late, flustered and stressed.
  4. Be prepared: by reading this blog you are already preparing. Speak to people you know who have done the interview. Our other blogs Interview Preparation and Essential Reading, Interview Format and Day in the Life of a Trainee will also provide some useful information. A simple way that you can prepare for the interview, is to record yourself speaking your answers out loud, this will help consolidate your thoughts. If you are brave get a family member or friend to ask you questions. The more you speak outloud, the easier it will be on the day.

Start preparing early

The interview can cover many different topics so it’s important to give yourself lots of time to prepare. Treat the interview like an exam and remember it is essentially a competition. You cannot expect to outrank someone who has done 2 months of revision if you’ve only done a few days of preparation.

Make sure you spend the same amount of time practicing your delivery as you do on actual knowledge acquisition. There will always be an element of subjectivity to the mark your examiners give you and it’s possible that even a perfect answer may not get full marks if you come across as overly nervous and unsure.

Stay calm

There is a good chance your interviewers will have been told to remain impassive throughout the interview. This will make it very difficult for you to tell how well you are doing. It’s therefore important you don’t let yourself get thrown off because your interviewer isn’t smiling or acting encouragingly. They may be bored from a long day of interviewing, or they may be counting down the time until the lunch break. Just focus on answering each question to the best of your ability, taking each question as it comes. If you answer well you will score well.

Good luck! Please read the rest of our blogs for more information and check out our question bank to find practice questions for the interview!

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