Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST1 Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

The key to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST1 interview is preparation. Candidates who prepare will have much higher success of scoring highly as their answers will be slicker and you will be able to think more clearly under pressure. Below we have given some guidance on how to start preparing, including useful links for further information. We have also developed our Interview Question Bank to help you prepare in more detail.

As there is no portfolio in the interview, practising the stations is vital. One way to do this is to create “mock interviews” with friends. They do not have to be applying for obstetrics and gynaecology ST1, as many of the skills and stations in the interviews are not specialty specific.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST1 Interview Preparation

Clinical Station

The expected knowledge for this station is FY2 level so it is very possible to score highly if you prepare well. Key to doing well in this station is showing that you are safe and able to problem solve in a logical way. Try and practice with senior colleagues as well as other candidates. More detailed information about what comes up here can be found on our Interview Format page.

Communication Station

This part of the interview tests skills you have been developing since medical school. Preparing in groups of 3 can be very helpful, with one person playing the patient, one being the candidate and the other examining. Try to push yourselves as much as possible in your practice scenarios so that you are comfortable with whatever they throw at you on the day.

Structured Interview Station

We’d advise you write down all your answers for this station well in advance and then practice them over and over. You should be able reel off your audit/teaching etc. examples in a clear and concise way. Time yourself to ensure you are not waffling and then practice with other candidates, using as many question variations as possible.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST1 Interview Essential Reading

Personal Specification

The most up-to-date specifications can be found on the Health Education England Website.

Make sure you know this inside out and aim to have something in your CV that covers each aspect that you can comment on during your interview. E.g. if someone asked about when you demonstrated leadership – do you have an example…?


In 2017 there were 555 applications for the obstetrics and gynaecology ST1 interview with 263 posts available, making the competition ratio 2.11. By getting an interview you have already done very well! The oriel website has up-to-date competition ratios by deanery: https://www.oriel.nhs.uk/Web/


  • There are several commercial interview preparation courses, which can be expensive and vary in quality. If you are considering these, try and speak to someone who has been on one for more information.
  • The RCOG has careers events that can be useful to attend and would suggest commitment to specialty. There also may be local careers and interview events in your deanery.

Other Reading

Question Banks for Specialty Recruitment Assessment Exam


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