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Emergency Medicine ACCS

The topics covered in the EM interview are very general but similar themes appear each year. Our answer frameworks will help prepare you for whatever comes up on the day.

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

Preparation is key to doing well in the Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview. You will have spent months/years developing your portfolio, however it only represents a small proportion of your overall mark. Whether you get a training number or not will depend on how well you answer the questions in the other stations. In this post […]

By Medibuddy — 20 January 2021


Ophthalmology ST1 Interview Portfolio Preparation

The ST1 ophthalmology portfolio has strict criteria and a stringent mark scheme. The requirements are updated annually on the Severn Deanery website, four months in advance of the interview. Your portfolio is marked during the interview day in a separate room to you, so you do not get any opportunity to sell yourself or to explain the contents.

By Medibuddy — 06 January 2021


Ophthalmology ST1 Interview Preparation and Essential Reading

The Ophthalmology ST1 interview is one of the most competitive interviews in the country, with many excellent applicants and outstanding portfolios, so it’s important you prepare for it properly. Here are some tips for your portfolio and the interview stations, which will hopefully optimise your application. We’ve also prepared a number of Ophthalmology ST1 Mock Interviews to […]

By Medibuddy — 06 January 2021

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