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We understand the importance of preparing well for exams and interviews, and that's why we’ve created a comprehensive range of resources to help you take your preparation to the next level.

Exam Resources

Our state of the art algorithms will help you progress faster than ever. Tailored to your specific learning needs, you'll be well-equipped to ace your exams.

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Interview Resources

Jobs are getting more competitive every year. Our comprehensive interview question banks give you the tools you need to stand out from the crowd.

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“This resource was outstanding and extremely similar if not identical to the real interview. I only had 4 days of prep due to short notice release of interview dates and chose to use this resource, I could not have been more prepared” Reem Moussa
“The question bank was a Godsend in helping me prepare for the interview. The questions were very much in-line with what I was asked at interview. I am incredibly glad I found this resource to help me prepare and do not feel I would have done nearly as well without it.” Beth
“My score for the MSRA was 554. Medibuddy was a great resource for practice questions, would definitely recommend and I would use again.” Jennifer Warner
Exam Resources

Prepare for your exams using our personalised question banks

Our state of the art learning algorithms will help you progress faster than ever.

“I found the Medibuddy Question Bank really helpful, because it was adaptive! It allowed me to use my time wisely and target high yield sections rather than wasting time.”

Dr. Russell Conyers


Personalised by AI
£10 - 40

Over 4000 questions covering every condition on the MLA content map. Using our AI technology we give you questions based on your strengths and weaknesses.


£10 - 40

Over 145 stations specific to the UKMLA content map. Our question bank will take you through each station from start to finish, giving you the tools you need to pass your CPSA exam.


Personalised by AI
£40 - 60

With over 4000 questions specifically written for the MSRA, our adaptive MSRA question bank has all you need to score highly.


Personalised by AI
£12 - 48

Take your PLAB revision to the next level with our artificial intelligence powered, adaptive question bank. Our state of the art algorithms will help you progress faster than ever.


Personalised by AI
£25 - 100

Our super smart algorithms will identify exactly what you need to do to maximise your MRCS Part A score, and will ensure that the topics you cover are laser focused on your individual needs.


£60 - 135

The MRCS Part B exam is difficult, but with the right preparation it is passable. We recommend that you start your preparation early, ensuring you are covering the complete syllabus and not neglecting your communication skills!



All UK final-year medical students and international medical graduates working as FY1 doctors in the UK will need to take the PSA. To prepare effectively, use our PSA question bank.

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Are you looking for an exam that we don’t yet have covered? Let us know and we’ll look into getting a question bank built.

“A really useful resource. The only thing I used. The notes were really helpful, they were really at the right level for the exam.”

Dr. Victoria Hodges 8th Ranked in MSRA (315 CPS, 325 SJT)
Interview Resources

Professionally written specialty interview question banks

Competition is fierce, so let us give you that extra edge to get the job.

“Medibuddy really helped! It was all I used to prepare and I scored 100% in the interview, so would definitely recommend it to anyone!”

Dr. Luke Marsh

Internal Medicine Training


Over 4000 candidates applied for IMT last year, making it more important than ever that your interview goes well. Perfect your technique here.

Core Surgical Training


You’ll be competing against over 2000 applicants so it’s important you stand out. We cover the entire core surgery interview syllabus here.

Anaesthetics ST4


We have broken the question bank down into the two stations in the interview and designed our scenarios to appear how they do at interview.

Cardiology ST4


Cardiology is one of the most competitive medical specialties, making it vital that you are fully prepared for the interview. Our question banks will help give you the edge.



Getting on the CSRH programme isn’t easy, as the pathway is one of the most competitive specialties in medicine. We have all the resources you need to prepare.

Dermatology ST3


Dermatology is a competitive pathway, which demands high standards from applicants. In 2023, more than seven people applied for each post, so preparation is key.

Emergency Medicine ACCS


The topics covered in the EM interview have changed over the years. Our answer frameworks are up to date and will help prepare you for whatever comes up on the day.



With a competition ratio of 2.5, more than two people apply for each post. Therefore, it's essential that you prepare well for your interview to beat the competition.

Gastroenterology ST4


Preparing for your Gastroenterology ST4 interview is daunting, and competition is high. In 2023, almost 3 people applied for every post. We have all the resources you need to prepare.

General Surgery ST3


A high level of knowledge is required to succeed in the general surgery interview. All the information you need and more is covered here.

Neurology ST4


Neurology attracts very high calibre candidates so your interview technique needs to be highly polished. Our comprehensive questions and model answers will help you rank highly.

Obs and Gynae ST1


Our comprehensive question banks cover both stations of the obs & gynae interview to make sure you are fully prepared on the day.

Obs and Gynae ST3


Featuring clinical prioritisation questions and answers for both Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as structured interview preparation, to help prepare you for whatever comes up on the day.

Ophthalmology ST1


With a competition ratio of over 9:1, it's vital you are fully prepared for the interview. We have all the resources you need.

Paediatrics ST1


The competition ratio for ST1 Paediatrics jobs is over 2 applicants per role. Use our question bank to give you the best chance of being successful at interview.

Paediatrics ST3


More than 12 applicants for every post. There’s no doubt that the ST3 paediatrics pathway is a competitive one. We have all the resources you need to prepare.

Plastic Surgery ST3


Getting a plastic surgery number is competitive and it’s important you rank highly. Give yourself the edge with our comprehensive question bank.

Radiology ST1


Good interview technique is the key to getting a radiology training job. Use our answer frameworks to perfect yours.

Renal Medicine ST4


Renal medicine is always a competitive specialty, with more than three applicants for every renal medicine post. We have all the resources you need to prepare.

Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery ST3


Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery ST3 (T&O) can be a competitive specialty. With this in mind, we have created this T&O ST3 interview question bank to help you prepare.

Urology ST3


Urology is getting more competitive every year, making it vital you do well at interview. Use our question banks to stand out.

NHS Consultant Interview


An NHS Consultant Interview is competitive and unlike any other interview you will have experienced during your training. Our course ensures you know what to expect and how to prepare effectively.

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Are you looking for a specialty that we don’t yet have covered? Let us know and we’ll look into getting a resource built.

Teach the Teacher Course by Medibuddy

This two-day CPD-accredited online course will earn you 12 CPD points on completion. It’s entirely flexible, so you can complete it in two days or multiple sessions over a longer period. On completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate for your portfolio that is accredited for CCT, interviews and appraisals.

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Foundation Ranker 2024

Sort your specialty and location preferences and we'll rank your jobs, so you don't have to.

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“Having spent a few hours going through the Oriel jobs list, the Medibuddy Foundation Ranker filtered out the top jobs in less than 4 minutes”

Dr. Simon Grant
Crash Courses

Learn everything you need for your new job

Starting a new job is scary. Our crash courses give you the information you need to feel confident on your first day.

Medibuddy FY1 Crash Course

Starting FY1 is stressful. With so much to take in, it's a steep learning curve. Hit the ground running with our 1-day crash course, which features 10 essential videos covering everything from clinical skills to documentation protocols, ensuring you're fully equipped for success from day one.

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Medibuddy Plastics ST3 Crash Course

Going from SHO to Registrar in Plastic Surgery isn’t easy, believe us. It’s a big step up in your surgical career. Our crash course is split into 9 topics. Each topic contains video presentations that will provide insight into life as a Plastics SpR, giving you the high-yield knowledge and advice we wish we had been given when we first started.

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