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Emergency Medicine ACCS

The topics covered in the EM interview are very general but similar themes appear each year. Our answer frameworks will help prepare you for whatever comes up on the day.

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Core Surgical

How to Maximise Points in the 2021 Core Surgical Training Interview Portfolio

Core Surgical Training (CST) interviews are usually held between January and March. There have been changes to the 2021 process in light of COVID-19 meaning candidates are now shortlisted based on their portfolio score to reduce the number of interviews. Whether you are a foundation year doctor, medical student or taking a year out of […]

By Medibuddy — 25 November 2020

IMT portfolio

Core Medical

The 2021 Guide to the Internal Medicine Training (IMT) Interview Portfolio

The Internal Medicine Training (IMT) interview portfolio has changed for 2021. Because of the pandemic, recruitment is moving to a virtual format this year, and that means the actual need to prepare a physical copy of the ‘dreaded’ portfolio is gone. The score that determines whether you are short listed for interview is based on your […]

By Medibuddy — 10 November 2020

General Practice

MSRA: Complete Guide 2021

Over half of all junior doctors applying for Specialty Training posts each year will need to undertake The Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA); our complete guide will provide you with information for the MSRA 2021. Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment / MSRA Exam The MSRA is a computer-based exam which is designed to assess essential competencies. It is […]

By Medibuddy — 09 November 2020

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